Are you ready to start health?
My goal is to help you create a daily practice!


Who am I?

A health servant - I serve health.
An avid meditator - foundation of my daily practice.
A yoga practitioner/teacher - yoga transformed my mind, body and spirit.
Cross-trainer - spinning, running, TRX, gymnastic bodies, Muay Thai boxing, body weight training.
Co-Founder Padua Community Wellness Centre - where I encountered a spirit-driven life.
Co-Founder DESTA Black Youth Network - power of community.
Founder Organik Santé Corporative - corporate wellness brokers.
Founder Scott Simons Inc. - space where I express my Self.
Co-Host Spirit Bros Podcast - exploring the power of audio.

Who are you?

Someone looking for a health spark,
for mastery over their body and mind,
for an authentic wellness experience,
for Jedi tips, tricks and ancient secrets.
Someone looking for a teammate,
a coach,
a witness,
a community,
a hub,
a source of quality information… and inspiration.

My story

I introduced myself as a Health Entrepreneur until I read the book “Ecopreneuring”. According to the book, Ecopreneurs put People, Purpose and the Planet before Profit. The order of these four Ps hit home instantly. Don't get me wrong, I love profit, however, not at the expense of people, my purpose and the planet. Over the past 30-50 years, the planet and the people on it have been destroyed more in the name of profit than in the thousands and thousands of years before it was “invented".

My purpose is simple: to inspire a daily practice of health. It has a double meaning: to inspire, breathe in, the benefits of my daily practice and in doing so, inspire others to commit to a daily practice as well.

These days, I am using #healthservant as a hashtag. I feel it represents my dedication to health and my commitment to serving it to people. I am at their service, serving their health needs. I am their health servant! It also represents what I feel is the new form of leadership: the servant leader.

To fulfill my purpose I have created four companies: two non-profit and two for-profit.

In 2004, my mentor Steve Sims and I created the Padua Centre, a community wellness centre offering meditation, yoga and group dialogue sessions. This is where I first discovered the power of these teaching. I started to meditate and practice yoga and quickly embarked on the yoga teacher training journey and have accumulated over 1500 hours of training since then.

In January 2006, a team of five came together to create DESTA Black Youth Network that was run out of the Padua Centre. DESTA focuses on young-adults aged 18 to 35 in reaching their educational, employability, and entrepreneurial goals through a holistic and individualized approach.

In September 2006, I founded my first for-profit business called Organik, a corporate wellness company. There is an epidemic of stress and anxiety in the workplace, and Team Organik offers proactive, simple and effective solutions. As wellness brokers, we act as a one-stop-shop for companies looking to create proactive healthy corporate cultures that will attract and keep the best talents out there.

My latest company is what brought you here: Scott Simons Inc. This company, brand, web-site is where I will express myself as an ecopreneur, an environmentalist, a health activist, health enthusiast, health servant, and last, and definitely not least, as a spiritual gangster/warrior/rebel!